Luck vs. Work: What brings home the bacon with flipping cars?

flipping car luck

flipping car luck

In other words, those who work hard seem lucky because luck comes from the opportunities produced by hard work. Was I Iucky to get a great deal on my first car, or did I earn that luck by taking initiative and marshaling the courage to make a low offer? Was I lucky to earn $1200 profit from that first deal, or did my vision to see a good car under the filth, combined and my insight to make the right repairs (new battery and tires) make that profit possible? The answer is self-evident.

Now part of the hard work of ‘luck’ is realized as opportunity. The trick is to recognize it; and recognizing it requires knowledge. But that is why you are here now. You are on the path to make and recognize your own opportunities.

Knowledge is power. Can spot good deals on Craigslist? Can you sort out motivated sellers with just a quick phone call? Can you tell a winner from a lemon with just a few quick looks? A smart dealer can spot a good used car and knows what to look out for in auction day. Smart negotiation strategies go can also a long way in making a professional car dealer out of a person. Look, I’d love to tell you that you can get can rich over night. But that’s just a lie. Like most things, it will take some effort and practice, but you WILL see results. Start with one car. And build on that success!


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