Don’ t miss your destiny, Part I


Here is the God Awful Truth . . .

The world is only interested in what it can get out of you, period. Remember how your grade school teacher told you that successful people have jobs? Well, it’s true – but only a half-truth. The fact is, most jobs pay poorly. And getting several poorly paid jobs only gets you so far. By working for someone else, you are likely making them rich. But what about you? What is your plan? After all, there are only so many jobs you can work There are only so many hours per day. What you need to do is not to work harder, but to work smarter. And you already know this, which is why you have taken the first step in reading the Viper Profits ecourse. Congratulations on taking the first step!
You see, I was once where you were. I worked as an assistant something at the local fast food place we’ll call “Big Burger”. I worked hard and I worked lots of hours. It was high-stress. I had customers yelling at me on the ‘front end’ of things and my boss yelling at me in the back office. I left everyday in my funny looking outfit smelling grease and humiliation, only to jump and my piece of junk car and head to yet another job. Like many people, I needed two or more jobs just to survive. You see, I also cut lawns on the side to put food on the table. So, I now had grass-clippings to add to grease and humiliation. And when I came home, I was utterly exhausted. Too tired to talk to my wife. Too tired to play with my kids. Of course, like a merry-go-round or a bad dream, I would do the same thing again everyday. Sound familiar? The one thing I knew is that I couldn’t go on like this!

The “ah . . . ha” moment

The story of my “ah . . .ha” moment began at work one day. You see my friend Paul, was always talking about two things: cars and girls. In this story, he was talking about his cute newly divorced neighbor who was soon moving to Chicago and trying to unload her car. Paul was explaining to me that this car had been sitting in her driveway for months and admittedly had a few minor issues. And, he told me, I could likely get a deal on it! His real motive? I think, was to try to get me to get rid of my full-on piece of junk 1992 Ford Escort. And mostly anything was better than that car!
I may be poor, but I’m not stupid.
After some prodding from Paul, I got up the nerve to call his neighbor and set up a time to look at the car. When I arrived, I saw the car: a 1998 Subaru Legacy. And while my friend’s neighbor was indeed cute, the car was not exactly a thing of beauty. It had two flat tires, wouldn’t start, and it was covered in various debris from birds and trees. It had clearly been sitting for nearly a year! She told us that she was asking $1500. But she mainly kept repeating that the car had to “go” because she was moving, “that it absolutely had to go”. Now, I may have been poor, but I’m not stupid. I realized she was a motivated seller. And I also realized that the car cleaned, with a new battery, and inflated tires, would likely be worth substantially more than she was asking – maybe even closer to $2500! The problem for me is that didn’t have $1500. In fact, I didn’t have any money.


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