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I’m tired of the “Get Rich Quick” B.S…

Aren’t You?

Are you so busy making a living you aren’t earning real money?
You work hard . . . but are you working smart?

This course doesn’t claim to be some “lazy way” to easy money. This course requires you to work. Real work. It just shows you how to work smarter, so that your efforts create real rewards. So, if you’re still attached to the “free money from heaven,” “Get Rich Quick” non-sense, please go elsewhere. Really.

Here’s the miserable Truth

I was once where you were. I worked two jobs. I was assistant manager at some fast food joint we’ll call Big Burger. And when I was done getting yelled at by unhappy customers on the front end of things, I then had to listen to my manager ream me out in the backroom. Everyday, I left exhausted, beaten-down, and smelling like grease.

I headed home, in my beat-up 1992 Ford Escort, and then on to start a second job, a side job, mowing lawns. I came home even more tired, exhausted, and burned-out. Sound familiar? I had no life. I was too tired to talk to my wife, or even play with my kids. I passed-out the moment I came in the door, only to wake-up the next day and do it all again! I kept thinking . . . when will this merry-go-round stop?!?!

It seemed my life wasn’t really mine. One thing was for sure: my life was passing me by.
And I had no plan.

Tired of making Someone Else Rich?

Yes, I was tired, exhausted and burned-out. But I was also broke. Despite all of this hard work, I had little to show for it. How is this possible? Is all of your hard work making someone else rich?

The Simple Insight Saved My Life

One rare free weekend, I was having some beer with my friend Mike. He tells me about some lady at his job that is getting a divorce and moving to Chicago. And she wants to sell her car quickly. It won’t start. It has been sitting in her driveway for six months and she basically wants it gone.

My friend’s real motive: he is teasing me that even her non-running car is better than my junk Ford Escort. And now I’m thinking about calling her.

After talking to her on the phone, I go and see the car. It’s very dirty from having been sitting. And she keeps saying how she needs it out of her driveway. She is asking $1500 for it. I only have $500. Well, to be honest, I don’t really have $500. It’s my family’s rent money. I take a big breath and nervously say, “look, the car doesn’t run, you want it out of your driveway . . . I only have $500. But, . . . I can give you cash now and have it gone from your driveway in two hours . . .”. Bold. Gutsy. Crazy. Perhaps. But it was the talk of a desperate man.

Hit me over the head with $1200 please!

To make a long story short, I bought the car for $500, repaired it for $250, cleaned-it-up and sold it for $1200 profit!

In just a few hours, I made more than I did in two weeks work at Greasy Burger. I may be slow, but I’m not dumb: a light bulb went on!

I took most of that money, found another car a few weeks later, and made almost another $1000 dollars. I was off to the races …

…that’s what People mean by “Quality of Life”…

Once I began buying and selling cars, my life changed. Just a few months later I was making more money in a week than I had previously made in a month. And I was working half as many hours!!! I now had the money and time to spend with my family.

Having the time to go the beach and the money to buy my kids ice-cream cones -without worrying- was my first taste of the path to success …. And the taste was great!

Here is a sample of some of the deals I did in my first year. And While I cannot guarantee you’ll have the same result,these kinds of profits are far from unusual in the used car market.Note that most of the time my profit margin exceeds 80% profit. Not bad!

Make Brought Sold Profit
Nissan Quest $3000 $4900 $1300
Jaguar XJ $2100 $5600 $1300
Ford f-150 $3300 $5600 $3500
Subaru Legacy $3600 $5200 $1600
Dodge Dakuta $2500 $4800 $2300

Why this Works…(for the nay-sayers)

“Market Inefficiency”: the Secret to Wealth

Some people will say, “hey Steve, no way.” “I mean . . . how can you buy and sell cars for 80% profit . . .?” “It’s just not possible.” What they fail to understand is the idea of “market inefficiency” Market what? You see, “efficient markets” are where things always sell for exactly what they are worth. But buying and selling cars is not an “efficient market”. In fact, it is a highly inefficient market.

Have you ever heard some rich guy, like a stockbroker, say buy low, sell high? In a nutshell, this is the secret. Inefficient markets are where people sell things for cheaper than they should. And people, for all sorts of reasons, are willing to sell things, like cars, for less than they are worth. But why? It’s hard to say, . . . divorce, the hassle of selling a car, they don’t want to bother to fix the car, they fail to understand it’s real value, or they are simply too busy to bother try to get more . . .. This is where you come in. Work smarter, not harder. Apply the lessons the rich.

But can you really do this as a business . . .?

How do you know there is real money to be made in this field? Two words: “barriers to entry”. If people are trying to protect their turf by making it harder for you to get a piece of the action, you know there’s money to be made! The fact that people who go “big time” get a car “dealer’s license” tells you most of what you need to know. They put up a fence, a barrier, called a “dealer’s license” because there is big money on the other side of that fence! In fact, the buy low/sell high is the guiding principle of the dealer auctions. It’s where there is a wholesale price and retail price. And the difference is what you put in your bank account!

3 car Deals in His First Month =$3105 Profit
In the first few weeks after getting your course “Viper Profits: Flipping Cars All the Way to the Bank” I closed three deals. I bought a 1996 Saab 900s for $625. I did a tune-up and clean-up and sold it for a $765 profit. I then bought a second car: a 2001 Subaru Legacy that failed emissions. I put an after-market catalytic converter on it and sold it for $1150 profit. Next, I bought Jeep Wrangler for $3200. The seller was trying to get $5k (maybe a little over-priced) and it was sitting for months. Now that his new car arrived, he was just tired of having it around. I sold it one week later $4300. I only cleaned it up: $1100 profit. Do the math: sales of $765, $1150, and $1100. That’s $3015 profit in my first month!!! I’m making more doing this part-time than my full time job! Thanks guys. I couldn’t have done it without your course “Viper Profits”. And I know, this is only the beginning!
Stan Esposito, Hackensack,N.J.

Get Your Road-Map from the Experts…

What? You have no road-map? Look. You’ve already wasted a lot of time without direction. Why not follow the road-map of others and follow their success . . . step-by-step. We are not advocating a get-rich-quick philosophy. This does take real effort. But we’ll be there to hold your hand and show you the way!

And yes, we’ll even show you how to get your dealer’s license for when you want to make the leap and go big. But we’ll also show you how you can start without a license. So you can get your feet wet now – just like I did – and start with as little as $500. But you need the right road-map . .

$850 profit in my very first deal !
Hey Steve; Just want to thank you guys for showing me the way. Like you, I had a dead-end job, but I just kept running on my hampster-wheel until I read your course, “Viper Profits”. Since then, I’ve just done my first deal. I bought Subaru Impreza for $750 and sold it a week later -using your tips and tactics- for $1600. That’s $850 profit for just a few hours of my time. OK, I’m not rich yet, but I know this works. More importantly, it taught me one thing: I can do it – and there’s at light at the end of the tunnel. Thanks.
Mark Wrathall, Columbus Ohio.

Why Get Our Course “Viper Profits”?

Used Car Dealer License

We give you the real skinny on how to get started, what to watch-out for, and how to focus your efforts for success. We give you a clear and unwavering road map. All you need to do is follow it. We offer you a jam-packed 200+page package with all the detailed ins and outs of buying and selling cars, including things like the following:

  • How to jump start your first deal and be your own boss!
  • How best to sell without your dealer’s license (and avoid getting in trouble)
  • How to operate legally, without actually having your own license
  • How to find off-line and on-line sources for used Cars
  • Step-by-Step details on getting your dealer’s license
  • What to look for in a used car
  • What to avoid in a used car
  • Tips on which cars sell best and in what season/location
  • Discussion of business strategies for improved sales and profits
  • Advantages/dis-advanteges of different niches – like high-end vs. low-end lots
  • How to best prep cars for maximum profits
  • How to avoid being a “sucker”.
  • Selling online: master Ebay, Craigslist, etc.
  • How to avoid stolen cars
  • Inside scoop on how car auctions really work
  • How to master the art of negotiation
  • How to avoid ineffective advertising
  • How to exploit Free advertising
  • How to avoid odometer fraud
  • best to chose and set-up the legal structure of your business, like LLCs
  • How to chose the best location
  • And much, much more . . .

Tired of Floundering about…

You could spend the next 10 years figuring this stuff out on your own through trial and error. But haven’t you wasted enough time? Aren’t you tired of doing things the hard way? Get the road-map from someone who’s already been there!

FAQs: Here are some questions you might have

I’ve been scammed before? How do I know this isn’t some get-rich-quick scheme?

This course is about building a real business with used cars. In fact, in many ways, it’s the opposite of the get-rich-quick mentality. For you to succeed, this course requires real effort on your part. And that effort will bring real money. Your financial situation could improve in just a month or two, but you won’t be rich over-night. So, if you are still trapped buy the get-rich-quick fantasy, it’s perhaps best if you don’t buy our course!

How do I know there is real market out there? I mean times are tough.

The used car market in massive – and it’s recession proof! What do people do in tough economic times to save money? Buy used cars! What do people do in good economic times? Buy used cars!

Can you really make good money selling used cars?

Again, there is entire industry built-up around car dealer licenses. Licenses have a gate-keeping function – to keep you out! The dealers do not want you getting in on their game! They are protecting their own lucrative turf!

Don’t you need big money to start a used car business? Don’t you need a large car lot?

Not necessarily. It depends. You can start small, like we did, with $500, selling just one car at a time. You can grow your business from there to become a dealer lot with 10, 20, or even 200 cars!

Isn’t it expensive to get a dealer’s license and illegal to operate without a license?

All states have different rules and it’s important to look into your state’s unique legal requirements. However, in most states, you are allowed to sell, legally, a certain limited number of cars a year. Moreover, I show you a totally legal way to buy and sell cars without actually having your own license. It’s the cheap, easy, and legal way to get started!

I’m not from the USA. Does this work in other countries?

Yes it does. While, admittedly, most of our experience is from working in the US market, the basic principles of this business are transferable to buying and selling cars in any country and in any part of the world. There will be differences, especially, legal differences, but we believe 90% of the ideas this course apply world-wide.

I’ve seen cheaper courses out there. Why Buy “Viper Profits”?

Are there cheaper courses? You bet. There is cheaper everything. But, as they saying goes, you get what you pay for. Would you rather drive a Viper or a Ford Escort? This course is jam-packed with information. We leave nothing out, no stone un-turned, no secret held-back. And we are so confident we stand by our course 100%: we offer an unconditional life-time guarantee. If you are ever unhappy, with this product just let us know.

How To Flip Cars
But don’t Just listen to us . . .

See what some of our students have to say . . .

OK Steve, You’re offering us Everything but the kitchen-sink… But How Much Does it Cost?

Viper Profits: Flipping Cars All the Way to the Bank originally sold as a hard-copy course for $249. I mean . . . here they are: my blood, sweat and tears, all compiled into one masterwork to help you avoid the costly mistakes I once made. It’s a lifetime of insight to give you the road-map to finally succeed!

But, we want more people to share in the wealth, so we’ve reduced it to $129, that’s almost 50% OFF!

This Course is easily worth 10x it’s price

Why? With just one car deal you can easily make back 10x what you pay for this course.

But, for those that want to save even more, we’ll offer an immediately accessible electronic version of this course for just $99.

I know, it’s crazy. I’m giving away the farm!!!

But the truth is, I don’t want to hold anything back. So, for those of you still “sitting-on-the-fence”, I’ll even throw in the following FREE bonuses:

Flip Car

Bonus # 1

The Art Of Buying A Car

This is a 67 page ebook – with even more details on what to look for when buying used cars. It includes auto-maintenance tips, how to deal with body-shops, and even how to lower your insurance rates.

How To Make Money Selling Cars

Bonus # 2

How to sell cars on Ebay

This is a how to manual on tips, insights, and tactics written by our good friends on eBay to help you succeed on their site. It’s an essential how-to guide for online Ebay sellers

Used Car Dealer License

Bonus # 3

100 Cars Selling Tactic

This is not a book in the traditional sense. Rather it is a 20 page ebook list of 100 ideas, some genius, some a little wacky, but above all it’s a how-to in getting creative in selling cars – and a must have!. It really gets you thinking outside the box!

Flipping Cars For Profit

Bonus # 4

This is not a book

This is not a book. It is an absolutely ‘must have,’ indispensible check-list to help you buy cars right! Buy good cars. And remember, you make your money when you buy, not when you sell!

Again, here is what you get for immediate download:

You get the indispensible How-To-Buy-And-Sell-Cars masterwork Viper-profits:Flipping Cars All the Way to the Bank.Valued at $249.You get not one, but
3 bonuses, valued easily at another $100.

Flipping Cars For Profit Flipping Cars
How To Flip A Car Make Money Selling Cars How To Flip Cars

…So You get this total package valued at over $349